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For a city that never sleeps, New York has more attractions and sights per square inch than any other place in the world. The hustle and bustle of Broadway, the calm of Central Park, and the majesty of Liberty Island only glean the surface of the great lady’s vigilant home. To see everything in a weekend is beyond any mortal’s capabilities, but with persistence and timing, a visitor could just about to begin to make a respectable dent in their bucket list with a few well timed seasonal visits to one of the best travel destinations of the world. To get you started, here are a few.

Manhattan, New York has several of the top finest attractions in the world. Whether it’s your first time or just revisiting iconic sights, you will never get tired of NYC. The world-famous Empire State Building is the heart of New York City. But there is no better place to experience the supreme excitement of New York than Times Square. Here’s where New York was recognized as the city that never sleeps. City surrounded by neon lights, gigantic billboards, television studios,and Broadway theaters. Now, Central Park is a must-see attraction around the city. It is a sight to behold due to its beautiful scenery in every season. And of course, don’t forget the Statue of Liberty! New York is a city of limitless, with so much to see and do, you will never be bored.

Some of the finest hotels call New York City home, and for the true connoisseur, landing the right luxury hotel for each visit is a must. Explore great offers and deals with the top luxurious hotels such as Cassa Hotel in Midtown, or the open concept charm of The James New York Hotel for shopping in nearby Soho. Indulge yourself with the astonishing city and skyline view at the world-class luxurious hotel, Mandarin Oriental situated uptown.

Your dream vacation can’t pass you by without experiencing the cornucopia of foodie opportunities, such as Lillie’s in Times Square or Ecco for Italian in Manhattan. As a bit of advice, look for places that fir the theme of your NYC getaway, whether it be for family fun or elegance after a romantic weekend of high-end shopping. With so much fine dining to choose for, British, Japanese, Middle Eastern or French cuisines are just one of the diverse culinary exploitation that you’ll have to experience.

As a travel destination, New York can’t be topped, with such cultural landmarks as the Guggenheim of the MET. Each is an experience of a lifetime in connecting with your inner soul, where you can revel in the creativity of the Big Apple. Media is also a part of New York’s culture. The city is the center for global arts and entertainment market along involving music, film, theater, dance and visual art elements. Therefore, television studios as well as theaters are a must visit to explore the NYC culture.

Should this be a family trip, be sure to treat the kids to a day at the FAO Schwarz store, followed up by the most recent Disney show to hit Broadway. It should be about spending time together and not rushing about trying to mark destinations off your list, so take your time and enjoy each other. Alternatively, embark on a romantic stroll with your loved one at Time Square at night or watch the sun set at Top of the Rock. You can’t put a price on love, so mix in some splurges alongside simpler pleasures.

A trip first to the 9/11 memorial should be on every visitors list, paying homage not only to the lives lost that day, but to rejoice in the celebrity and resilience of mankind’s world community rising from the ashes. Nearly every nation on earth lost loved one’s that day, and this reflective destination at the Memorial & Museum World Trade Center site reminds us we all one big family.

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